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Survival course

Target auditorium:all foreigners, businessmen and their family members living in Moscow, tourists, journalists etc.

Course content summary

For Beginners.

This course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in real life situations to avoid language problems in the street, in a shop, in a restaurant. Reservation of Theatre and Cinema tickets, Travelling – Hotel and Flights

booking, Telephone Conversation. Thecourse includes typical phrases, ready – to - use words and combinations for different situation, essential knowledge of grammar.

Duration: 40-80 hours.

Active Vocabulary: 500 words and constructions


Conversational Course Intermediate.

In this course, we will focus on learning  everyday expressions of “Real Russian” to help deal with daily conversational situations.

Pre-Intermediatelevel students will specialize on the following themes: Customs, Traditions and National Festivals,

Russian Cuisine, Russian History and National Mentality, Contemporary Social Problems. Intermediate, Upper Intermediate - the content of this

Lessons for the upper levels focuses on subjects of general interest like Politics, Russian Mass Media Today, Culture,

History and Literature.

Duration: 40-80 hours.

Active Vocabulary: 1000- 1200 words and constructions.


This course is a conversational Russian class, which is geared toward helping foreign people improve speaking Russian.  Students will be expected to become comfortable speaking Russian in public and most of all, with a native Russian speaker.

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